“A live experience of New Evangelization”

Conferences – Retreats – Evangelization and Mission Programs – Classroom and On-line Training – Workshops – Tecnology at the service of Evaneglization.

Families, Groups, Cathechists, Young Adults and Children

Cristonaut@s Model

It is a model that helps them to have an encounter with God and obtain answers that will help to face the social, cultural, educational, political and principally  spiritual challenges that this world present us with.

The Cristonaut@s concept includes: Bible, Tradition and Magisterium of the Church, New Evangelization (Art and Information and Communication Technologies), Youth and the Great Continental Mission.


Phase 1 – Initiation (Cristonaut@s International). To train 150 young leaders in 25 countries that are capable of implementing a process of change that may reach 150,000 youth annually

Phase 2 – Deepening (Cristonaut@s In Situ). To train 150 young leaders from the Phase 1 in the Holy Land and Rome to personally reach out to 150,000 persons annually.

Cristonaut@s APPs

Technology at the service of religiuos training.

Cristonautas 1 APP. The History of Salvation is a syntesis of God´s revelation throughout human history containing Lectio Divina exercises for further discernment

This APP is free, has Spanish, English and Portuguese version, over 20,000 downloads and interacting with Social Networks.

Cristonautas 2 APP. will allow to praye through Lectio Divina in interactive form using liturgical daily text, then people could write and post their own reflections and share them with friends On-line is Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Creole, German and Italian.

Cristonaut@s on Television

The Ramon Pane Foundation has signed agreements with The Jesus Film Project, EWTN and Suayapa TV.

Cristonaut@s TV. Is a serie of 64 interactive television programs leading by Young People of different Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, using the Gospel of Luke thorugh video and Lectio Divinathat helps to guide them and obtain better spiritual, cultural, social, educational and political knowledge.

Cristonaut@s The History of Salvation. Is a serie of 13 programs where the History of Salvation is explained more throughly and how to use the APP with the same name.

These programs will be available for TV broadcasting and another type of communications as well through Social Networks

Cristonaut@s with values

Is a program on which young People choose values from the Bible and through Lectio Divina exercises  they may be taking us to a re – encounter with each of these values and make them as part of our life to face personal, familiar, spiritual, social, cultural, educational and political concerns.

The youth of diferent countries show their work and appear themselve as drawing/comic strip, then can put On-line their work in visual, interactive and creative forms with music, videos, etc. in addition, they show an architectural tour fo the cathedrals in their diferent coluntries.

Cristonaut@s – WYD 2016 Krakov, Poland

26th  through 3st of July

World Youth Day has gathered millions of Catholic Christian Young People throughout the world. It is the ideal time and space to propose and show these New Evangelization and Missionary iniciatives.

Our proposed them: “The Youth and the New Evangelization through Art and Technology.

The objetive is to make present the Ramon Pane Foundation through Critonaut@s together with: The Jesus Film Project, FECOM (Fundation for the Evangelization and Comunication), Pastoral Biblical Foundation, EWTN and Suyapa TV and take a group of Young People, one of the each 25 countries in which we are working to reach at least 100,000 youth in various languages and invite them to participate in our programs.

Cristonaut@s – The Lord´s Athletes (Olympics 2016)

5th through 21st of August

The next Worldwide Olympics games will be held in Brazil.

The Ramon Pane Foundation has identified this time as an opportunity to evangelize the existencial peripheries, as Pope Francis has asked us to do and to announce the Word of the Lord in an sport context, using the creativity and technology in partnership with the Jesus Film Project and the Youth Ministry of Medio Popular “PJMP” to reach at least 100,000 persons and invite them to participate in the Cristonaut@s missionary process.

Worldwide Missions with the New Evangelization

Today´s techonoly offers the possibility to reach event the most remote places on this world.

The Pontifical Council of Communications, the Potifical Council for the Promotion of New Evangelization, the Ramon Pane Foundatio and The Jesus Film Project want to equip up to Young Missionaries in 10 different countries to train 10,000 leaders under Cristionaut@s concept and using a high technology projector that works with solar and electric energy, and has a nano chip on which is the Gospel of Luke in 1,250 languages.

Daily prayer On-line with Lectio Divina

The Ramon Pane Foundation and Aleteia News Agency (recognized throughout for the world and the Vatican) would lije to work together and make Lectio Divina exercises following the liturgical daily readings of the church and put it on internet to share with people

Ars in Deo (Arts for God)

The Catholic has always utilized the arts as means of evangelizationand expressions of prayer that helps to encounter the Lord and his Word. These may also be used for the New Evangelization, in addition, Christian art has a worldwide gallery and is the greatest in importance in the quantity of the world.

From the latin: “Ars in Deo”, “Arts for God” is novel project that use APPs techonology, from which a work art by itself may give us the information necessary toward getting to know the Lord better, also may provide us with more technical information such as: author, description, etc., as well as allowing us to share them through emails and social networks.

Little Missionaries Model.

The mission of evangelizing children is a Church priority adn it is important that we keep in mind that – if we sow and transmit good values and good education to our children, we will achieve a greater future for them and the world – 

This program´s objetive is to take the Cristonaut@s concept and put it in a children´s context wirh pedagogies that favor the vision and reality of children and thus utilize them toward evangelization.


Pahse 1 – Inititation (International Little Missionaries). Train 150 cathechists leaders in 25 countries that will be capable of gatering a change in the culture.

Phase 2 – Evangelization and Mission (Little Missionaries at home). Train 150,000 children each year.

Values for my family

Is a program that teach to the families to prayer with the New Testament and Lectio Divina exercises to learn and practice values and may be transformed into virtues. It has the blessing od the Pope Francis and the Pontifical Council for the Family, we have designed a new project that we plan to develop throughout the world. Our goal is to reach 1,000,000 of families in America, as well in Asia, Africa and Europe.